We understand your hectic daily life style. Right from early in the morning till late night you are running around the city for meetings, engagements etc. But still you manage to overcome these hurdles with the help of COPECO....



What is COPECO ?

CO: Computers i.e. Desk top, Lap top etc.

PE: Peripherals i.e. Printers, Mobile Phones etc.

CO: Consumables i.e. Printer Cartridges, Stationary, Pen drives etc.

But.........just think one of the member of your COPECO family fails and refuses to support you exactly when you need it during your meeting or printing or calling and you are way away from your office or city where your AMC service engineer is situated. Where will you go to ????

Relax!!!! Don’t worry, just download COPECO app from Google Play & Install.

How Can We Help You!

This COPECO app will resolve all your worries….

Just register yourself on COPECO App. You will receive USER ID & Password on your mobile.

Login with these credentials…You will be directed to Google Map on which you can see the various RED pointers. They are not just red pointers but are COPECO vendors within 3 kms radius of your current location. You just have to scroll the list of services at the bottom of screen i.e. Computer, Laptop, Printer, Mobile Phone etc. After selecting item to whom your need service, you will be shown sub-service of that particular item i.e. if you select Computer; you will be shown New or Repair. Similarly for Printer; Printer Repairs or New Printer or Cartridges etc.

You just have to select the appropriate service; all the relevant vendors within this 3 kms radius will get a notification. The vendor which is fast and willing to cater your requirement will accept your notification. Immediately after his acceptance you will be prompted his details with all his credentials on your mobile screen. If you accept him he will be asked to pay online the minimum visit charges and if any additions, on delivery. He can even pay all the charges on delivery by cash or online,

After your confirmation, he will send his engineer to collect your item. On collecting the item, he will issue an online acknowledgment mentioning the serial or IMEI number as the case may be. He may inspect the article on the spot and issue job card or he may take article at his service station and then issue job card. Job card will give you the list of items to be replaced or serviced and cost involved. After your online approval, he will complete the activity and send back the article with invoice which you have to pay on delivery.